Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Molly is Completed

This completes Project Molly
All posts will remain as a record

This is like getting ready for Fashion Week in New York City!
Countdown to packing up Box #3.
Deadline to mail: Monday ... 4pm

.. .. ..

This container is holding all the clothing except for the dresses.  There's not one spec of room left so now I'm on a mission to find something cute to put the dresses in 
... PLUS ...
all the other things I will be receiving later this week. 

This is what's left to pack PLUS the other things! 
The Dresses
This is what I placed in the green box with big bow.  

This entire project (in a way) reminds me of fostering a westie rescue.  You know one day they will leave for their forever home ... as such is the case with Molly and her fashion portfolio ... so I'll just say that parting is such sweet sorry.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Molly, Coconut & the Fashion Portfolio

. . . Welcome To . . .
Molly, The American Girls blog
. . .
Below you will find Molly's complete fashion portfolio which is added to on a daily basis (so check back often) as we will be sewing up to the first week in October.
. . .
 Available at the National Club dinner
at the Montgomery Kennel Club Show in October.
. . .
As a silent auction item this package will benefit the
Westie Foundation of America.
. . .
. . .
So start thinking of that special little girl, daughter or grand-daughter that would love to have Molly, her westie puppy, Coconut and the official American Girl tote bag
... plus ...
All the clothing you see below.

Any little girl would scream with delight at receiving this as a gift.
. . .