Saturday, June 30, 2012

McKenna's New Westie Dress & Other Cute Things!

 ... McKenna Now Has Shoes ...

 McKenna in now scheduled be auctioned in October.
 I'm sure she will be [as well as her entire fashion portfolio]
be the talk of the Montgomery Kennel Club All-Terrier
Show.  All the $'s raised on this auction item will go
 directly to the Westie Foundation of America to use
for research projects.  I'm now working
on dog-themed outfits and looking for
more cute dog fabric.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Party Dresses for McKenna The American Girl Doll of the Year

 It's still undetermined if McKenna and all these fabulous
clothes will be auctioned via Ebay or at the All Terrier
Show in Lancaster, PA in October.

But one thing is for sure ...
 the money raised will go directly to the
Westie Foundation of America
which researches health issues specifically
inherit to the west highland white terrier.

So until then ...
I'm sewing totally adorable dresses and outfits
as well as creating hats and matching purses.